Oil and Gas Industry/Petrochemical Industry


ECORP continuously innovates our products to provide the latest technology in monolithics refractory to the Oil and Gas & Petrochemical Industry. The importance of staying ahead of the curve is not taken lightly at ECORP. We strive to provide the best to our customers. ECORP products for the Oil and Gas Industry are designed for low thermal conductivity.


Radiant Wall Casting
Insulation Lining EcoLite VLW
EcoLite MW 23 L
EcoLite 085 HS


Radiant Bottom Casting
Hot Face EcoKast 17
Insulation Lining EcoLite MW 23 HS
EcoLite VLW


Convection Casting
Insulation Lining EcoLite LW 12
EcoLite LW 10 L


Corbel Casting
Hot Face EcoLite MW 23 LS
Back Up Lining EcoLite LW 12
EcoLite VLW


Stack Casting
Hot Face EcoLite LW 10
EcoLite LWH 124
EcoKast 17
Back Up Lining EcoLite VLW

*Gunning options are available.