About us

Company Profile

ECORP was established in January 2001 and is a privately owned Malaysian company based in Rawang, Selangor. Our factory is strategically located to allow ease for imports and exports of materials through the international port of Malaysia, Port Klang, Selangor.

ECORP has more than 50 years of Refractory experience from our management, which allows us to produce the finest range of Monolithic Refractory Products. Being an experienced monolithic refractory manufacturer, ECORP can customize our products based on customer’s requirements. Each application of monolithic refractory may differ from one furnace to another. ECORP also adopted the ASTM Standard as our testing standard.

We offer a complete range of services such as installation, supply, designing and engineering. Our products caters for Oil and Gas, Steel, Aluminium, Cement, Industrial Boiler, Incinerator, Foundry, Palm Oil Industries and many more.

Over the years, ECORP partnered with several international renowned companies in providing our products to export markets. ECO Refractory is also ISO 9001: 2008 certified

We are one of the largest manufacturers in Malaysia with an annual production of 20,000 MT. Only the highest purity and consistent quality materials are used in the production of ECORP Products. With our team and constant R&D, we are able to deliver the best quality products to our customers locally and abroad.

Corporate Responsibilities

At ECORP, keeping our staff motivated and providing the best training is key to providing a better productivity. ECORP also provides relevant social welfare assistance as well as on the job retraining across the force to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest know-how on refractory production and installation.

Everyone has their part to play in being responsible for the environment, at ECORP, we have installed dust collectors and also recycled plastics, papers and metals in order to minimize the environmental pollution.


ECORP provides personalized support and recommendations all year round as an extra service to our customers. We also have a team of highly skilled professionals that designs and manufacture monolithic refractory.

ECORP has a certified and well experienced API 936 inspector. We provide site inspection service alongside owners and clients to ensure proper installation procedure is carried out.