Steel Industry

Steel Industry

Steel Making Plant

Steel industry is the foundation to building new infrastructure for a nation’s development, at ECORP, we supply to locally and internationally renowned steel plants, from Electric Arc Furnaces to Ladle and Tundish, ECORP supplies a range of monolithic quality refractory products that meets our customer’s requirements. One of the main problem in steel making is the attack on refractory lining by slag. ECORP manufactures slag resistant materials that are able to withstand acidic attacks caused by slag.


Electric Arc Furnace Gunning
Side Wall/Slag Line EcoMag 87G
EcoMag 85G


Pre-Cast Shape Material Casting
Weir, Impact Pad, Impact Pot, Slab EcoKast LC 17
EcoKast ULC 85 XL
EcoMag 78C


Delta Casting
Pre-Cast EcoKast 70 HST
EcoKast NC 85 HP
EcoKast LC 88 BS

*Chrome option with stainless steel fiber available


Ladle Hot Patching
Hot Repair Material EcoPatch WCF
EcoPatch BCF
EcoPatch 18
Tundish Casting
Permanent Lining EcoKast LC 17 T